8th Grade Honors Literature

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Course Goals[edit]

I have designed this course to be a 9th grade literature class without the grammar part of it. Therefore, you will be doing 9th grade course work. This Course is based off a typical New Jersey High School, Grade 9 English Course.

People of any age may join this course.


For Each a Unit a test or essay will be assigned. A final exam will be given at the end of the course. Assignments will be given on Wednesday and due the following wednesday by 11:59 PM. It is reccommended that you keep notes on your reading. It is the students responsibility to provide themselves with the neccessary readings.

Note- Prentice Hall Literature Gold Edition is the textbook I will be using for this course. It contains all the readings except To Kill a Mockingbird. If you can't get this book most of the short stories and poems are available online and the novels are available at most library's and bookstores.

Lesson Plans[edit]

Unit One Romeo and Juliet

Unit Two Poetry

Unit Three Novel- Great Expectations

Unit Four Short Stories

Unit Five The Oddyssey

Unit Six Novel -To Kill a Mockingbird.