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Tutorial on how to set up Yawcam and use as motion detector.

1. Download and install software from http://www.yawcam.com
2. After install, run program Yawcam.
3. Go to setting tab on the top, then go to device and choose the webcam that you want to use.
4. Next go to the window tab next to the setting tab on the top.
5. Click on motion detection, this will open a new window with three new tabs at the top. Setting, Actions, and Motion Events
6. Click on Settings tab to change the defined area of motion detection. Clicking on the "Define area..." button will open a new screen.
7. From this screen create a box around the live video to the area where you want the program to monitor for detection.
8. Close that screen and click on the Actions tab.
9. Click on "settings..." the button next to save file.
10. Click on "Info..." button to get the codes for a time stamp for saved files.
11. In this window change the save location to the same one used in Picasa and use the code in step 10.
12. Under image array change settings to 5 images with interval of 500ms.
13. Under flood control, deactivate. Close file settings window.
14. Go Motion Events and click the enable button to run motion detection.

15. If setup properly with Picasa, photos will automatically be added to the Picasa library with the time stamp from Yawcam.