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Picasa Tutorial For Facial Recognition

1. Download and Install program from http://picasa.google.com
2. During install the program will ask to search the whole computer for compatible picture types and video types.
3. Do not do. The scan will take about 25 minutes and add hundreds of pictures and icons for programs.
4. After installing go to Libraries and then to the picture folder.
5. Create a new folder for Picasa.
6. Go back to Picasa, go to file, then "add new folder"
7. Find the folder created in step 5 and add it with the option to "scan always"
8. Take pictures with webcam or other camera and add pictures to created folder.
9. Pictures will automatically be managed by Picasa.
10. In Picasa on the left side of the screen the folder will be displayed
11. Click on the folder to view the pictures in the folder.
12. On the bottom right there are four buttons, click on the one that has the shape of a head and shoulders.
13. This opens the "people" tab. A window opens on the right side with pictures displayed.
14. Click on the picture and Picasa will automatically detect a face.
15. Add name to each individual face.
16. Take more picture of people and put them in the folder.
17. The pictures will automatically go into Picassa. Click on the unlabeled pictures to tag them with Picasa's facial recognition.
18. The window on the left sorts the library and allows sorting by People.
19. Clicking on individual photos gives information about each photo, for example, when the photo was taken.