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2D Animations can be created with different OpenSource tools. In this learning

The animation example is based of Pencil2D. Other software packages, such as Geogebra, can also be used to create animations, especially for Wikiversity, but the internal structure and setup of animations cannot be learned with Geogebra. Therefore, please install Pencil2D as open source software for this tutorial to create an example 2D animation step by step.

Next Step: Next step will be to understand the basic components, that are required for the SIR-model animation.

Open Source Softwares for Animations[edit | edit source]

  • (Geogebra) If you want to create animations for the mathematical topic, it could make sense to go to the learing resource about Geogebra and see how you can create animations directly from a geometrical construction.
  • (GIMP) Also the Open Source software for editing raster images is able to create GIF and PNG animation. The layer concept in GIMP is used to represent frames in the animation.
  • (Pencil2D) Install Pencil2D as Open Source software for this learning resource.

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