1000 Songs/Trisagion Hymn (John Chrysostem)

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Trisagion Hymn (John Chrysostem)

1000 Songs

Text[edit | edit source]

Author[edit | edit source]

St. John Chrysostem – 347-407

Translations/Challenges[edit | edit source]

The Trisosgion Hymn : was originally written in Greek but it has been translated into Elizabethan and Modern English.

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Background[edit | edit source]

Author biography[edit | edit source]

Author's circumstances[edit | edit source]

Author biography/Author's circumstances: John Chrysostem was a man that was devoted to living a life after Christ. He grew up in a good moral home with his mother and sister even after his father’s death. Those morals stuck with Chrysostem throughout his life and helped to make an impact in the world.

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