1000 Songs/Pass me not O gentle Savior (William H. Doane)

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Pass me not O gentle Savior (William H. Doane)

1000 Songs

Text[edit | edit source]

Born: February 3, 1832, Preston, Connecticut. Died: December 23, 1915, Rhode Island. Buried: Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum, Cincinnati, Ohio

The Text was written by Fanny J. Crosby, while the music was written by William Howard Doane. The song comes from Genesis 18:3 where it says, ”…My LORD, if now I have found favour in thy sight, pass not away, I pray thee, from thy servant.”

Music[edit | edit source]

1. Pass me not, O gentle Savior, Hear my humble cry; While on others Thou art calling, Do not pass me by. o Refrain: Savior, Savior, Hear my humble cry, While on others Thou are calling, Do not pass me by. 2. Let me at a throne of mercy Find a sweet relief; Kneeling there in deep contrition, Help my unbelief. 3. Trusting only in Thy merit, Would I seek Thy face; Heal my wounded, broken spirit, Save me by Thy grace. 4. Thou the spring of all my comfort, More than life to me, Whom have I on earth beside Thee, Whom in Heav’n but Thee.

Here is a PDF file of the sheet music.

Background[edit | edit source]

For a quick biography on William Howard Doane follow this link.