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OLD 100TH (Louis Bourgeois)

1000 Songs

Text[edit | edit source]

Original Lyrics

   You faithful servants of the Lord,
   sing out his praise with one accord,
   while serving him with all your might
   and keeping vigil through the night.
   Unto his house lift up your hand
   and to the Lord your praises send.
   May God who made the earth and sky
   bestow his blessings from on high. 
   Genevan Psalter - Psalms 134

Author[edit | edit source]

Loys Bourgeois (c. 1510-1560)

Translations/Challenges[edit | edit source]

I was able to find an English Translation Here

Music[edit | edit source]

Tune[edit | edit source]

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Background[edit | edit source]

Author biography[edit | edit source]

Loys Bourgeois

Author's circumstances[edit | edit source]

  • French Composer of the Renaissance
  • Main compiler of Calvinist hymn tunes

Historical setting[edit | edit source]

  • Sixteenth Century Renaissance Period

Cultural setting[edit | edit source]

  • Geneva (French part of Switzerland)