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Lorica--I bind unto myself today (Patrick)

1000 Songs

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In terms of formatting, this song was a bit of a challenge because it is very "wordy." There's lots of great, heavy content in this song but we cut formatted it by taking a critical look at each stanza, cutting and pasting some of the more poetic and beautiful lines that we thought Christ was depicted well in, as well as picking the lines that we all felt genuinely described the amazing bond to Christ. We wanted to portray the covenant with Christ in the words which are in "I Bind Myself Today," (because the language we chose and the lines we selected were not overtly outdated, and could be understood by a congregation today) all while formatting it in a way that was an appropriate length and not giving to much heavy information all at once. We used a simplistic bridge and chorus derived directly from the prayer, and did so in repetition. The format: Chorus, Verse [1], Verse [2], Chorus, Bridge [x4], then Verse [3] out.

Editor's Choice[edit | edit source]

Chorus Christ be with me Christ within me Christ behind me Christ before me Christ beside me Christ to win me Christ to comfort and restore me

V1: I bind unto myself today The virtues of the star-lit heaven The Glorious sun's life-giving ray the whiteness of the moon at even

V2: I bind unto myself today The power of God to hold and lead His eye to watch His might to stay His ear to hearken to my need The wisdom of my God to teach.


Bridge: I Bind unto myself today the strong name of the Trinity by invocation of the same Three in One and One in Three

V3: I bind unto myself the name The strong name of the Trinity by invocation of the same The Three in One and One in Three

Praise the Lord of my salvation Salvation is of Christ the Lord.

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Editor's Choice[edit | edit source]

"Christ Be With Me," by Allie Garriott, Eric Cash, Pamela McDermott and Brenton Pollock. A recording of the above song in Editor's choice can be found here: I Bind Unto Myself Today

The chord structure of this tune consist of many minor 7th and major 7ths. These chord choices were used to help influence a deep meditative and reflective setting among the listener. The chord pattern remained the same throughout the song so that there would be more focus in the words.

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The breast plate. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Patrick's_Breastplate Patrick Himself https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Patrick

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