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Jesus thy blood and righteousness (Zinzendorf)

1000 Songs

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Author[edit | edit source]

"Jesus thy blood and righteousness" was written by Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf und Pottendorf, a reformer of social and religious issues in 18th century Germany, as well as a bishop of the Moravian church. A four part documentary of Zinzendorf's life called "Count Zinzendorf" was produced in 2000.

Translations/Challenges[edit | edit source]

Zinzendorf's good friend John Wesley translated this hymn into English. Here is the translation with the original (and rarely sung) nine stanzas. This is the most widely accepted and used translation.

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Music[edit | edit source]

The popular music for this hymn was written by William Gardiner. Here is a recording.

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