1000 Songs/Brethren we have met to worship (George Atkins)

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Brethren we have met to worship (George Atkins)

1000 Songs

Text[edit | edit source]

Author[edit | edit source]

George Atkins is the author of the text, "Brethren we have met to worship".

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Music[edit | edit source]

The music was written by William Moore. It is an Appalachian melody.

Tune[edit | edit source]

This hymn is set to the tune "Holy manna"

Arrangements[edit | edit source]

Classical Guitarist Owen Smith in recital in San Francisco click here.

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Background[edit | edit source]

Author biography[edit | edit source]

George Atkins was born in England on April 16, 1793. After moving to the states, he served as a Methodist pastor for the Ohio Conference. He then went to Knoxville Tennessee in 1818.Along with his ministry, George Atkins was involved in newspapers. George Atkins died August 29th, 1827 in Abingdon Virginia.

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