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Everybody has a different view/definition of what "learning" is. Some have a broader definition, some less broad. Regarding which definition/view one has, you must understand people here at Wikiversity. E.g. learning for some means a mental change and that then can mean: things that help to create a mental change are ok.


Learning is a broad and complex subject. This project intends to explore:

  • What is learning or what does learning mean to you?
  • Why learn or why do you learn?
  • How, when, where and why does learning happen?
  • How do people or you learn?
  • What helps people or you to learn?
  • What factors effect learning or effect how a person learns?
  • What learning techniques, methods, processes and systems exist?
  • What does learning disabled mean and are some people "learning disabled"?
  • Can educators be "teaching disabled"?
  • What does teaching disabled mean and are some people "teaching disabled"?
  • Is saying someone is "learning disabled" or "teaching disabled" morally or ethically right?
  • How can Wikiversity improve learning?
  • Should there be limits to what can be learned or how on Wikiversity?
  • Did you succeed so far in your learning goals at Wikiversity? If not, why not? Also drop a msg when you succeeded please.

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