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How to Zoom in Macromedia Flash

1. Open up a blank document (if a blank document is already open, go on to the next step.)

2. On the blank stage, insert or create the image that you would like to zoom into.

3. Highlight image that will be zoomed into (Ctrl + A). You can tell it’s highlighted by how it will be covered in gray dots.

4. Right click on the image, and select ‘Convert to Symbol’.

5. After selecting ‘Convert to Symbol’, a box will appear. In this box, click the circle that says ‘Graphic’ next to it.


6. On the timeline, click on the rectangle below the number 30. This is Frame 30. (It should be a beige color which contrasts with the white rectangles that surround it.)


7. Right click on Frame 30.

8. On the drop-down menu that appears, select ‘Insert Keyframe’.


You know you will have done it correctly if the space in between Frame 1 and Frame 30 becomes gray.


9. Right Click on Frame 15.

10. On the drop-down menu, select ‘Insert Key Frame’.

11. Right Click on Frame 5.

12. On the drop-down menu, select ‘Create Motion Tween’.


This will cause for the gray line to turn purple and a solid line will appear going through it.


13. Right Click on Frame 20.

14. Select ‘Create Motion Tween’. The same will occur as before.


15. Click on Frame 15.

16. Click on the symbol. (Remember, it’s the image that you want to zoom in to.)

17. Find and click on the Free Transform Tool. (It’s located on the toolbar on the far left side.)


This will cause the symbol to receive a black outline with black squares.


18. Click a black square and drag it so that your image becomes larger.


19. To preview you movie, you can hit enter to view it on your stage, or you can hit Ctrl + Enter which will bring up a different page for you to view it.

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