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How to Trace Images in Macromedia Flash

1. Open Flash.

2. Insert image onto a blank stage.

3. Place image where desired.

4. Lock layer.


5. Create a blank layer. (To do this, click the symbol that looks like a Post-It note with a plus sign on it.)


6. Select Line tool.


For Straight Lines…

7. Click starting point and drag the mouse to desired ending.


8. Repeat for all straight lines.


For Curved Lines…

9. Click starting point and dragging in a straight line to end of curve.


10. Hover mouse over the green line. One of two shapes will appear below the cursor. One is of a corner, and the other is of a curved line.

11. When the curved line appears, click and drag towards the curve.


12. Follow all these instructions for every line that you wish to trace.

Nashp 18:33, 19 January 2007 (UTC)