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Commonly Used Terms

Movie - A sequence of photographs or objects projected onto a screen with sufficient rapidity as to create the illusion of motion and continuity.
Stage - Area where all drawings and text goes to.
Animation – The act of imparting motion or activity.
Motion Guide - Tool that allows for an object to move in a certain path.
Properties – The tab that holds most changes that need to be made. (I.E. Font face, size; Line size, color, etc.) Known as the Property Inspector.
Color Swatch – Tab that holds color properties.
Timeline – The tool that allows for the scheduling of the events that occur in the movie.
Frame – Any spot on the timeline that can allow for a change in the movie.
Keyframe – A frame where a change will occur in the movie.
Symbol – An image that will occur in more than one frame but will undergo change during the movie.
Motion Tween – A tool that allows for a symbol in two frames to be changed and also allow for animation.
Free Transform Tool – A tool that allows for the alteration in size of an object.