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Creating a Fade in Flash[edit | edit source]

1. On a blank page in Flash, type whatever words or phrase you want to fade in/out. (To do this, click on the capital “A” in the Tools section on the left side of the screen.)


2. Left click once on the phrase to select it, then right click on it. Click on “Convert to symbol”, which comes up near the bottom of the drop-down menu.

3. A new window will come up that says “Convert to Symbol”. Make sure “Graphic” is selected, then click “OK”.


4. In the timeline at the top of the page, right click on the frame where you want the movie to end. Select “Insert Keyframe”.

5. Still in the timeline, right click on the grey space between the first and last frames. Select “Create Motion Tween”.


6. The area between the first and last frames on the timeline should now be blue instead of grey and have an arrow pointing towards the last frame. Left click on the first frame in the timeline.

7. Left click on the phrase. Near the bottom right of the page in “Properties”, there is a drop down box that says “None” and has the word “Color:” beside it. Click on the arrow, then select “Alpha”.

8. Another box will appear beside the “Color:” box. It will most likely have “100%” in it. If you’re trying to make the phrase fade out, leave it there.


9. Now, click on the last frame of the movie in the timeline.

10. Repeat Step 7.

11. In the percentage box, change the “100%” to “0%”. Don’t worry, the phrase is supposed to disappear.

12. To get a preview of your movie while still in Flash, press “Enter” on your keyboard. To get a full-screen preview of your movie, press “Ctrl + Enter”.

13. If you want an image to fade in, start out with “0%” instead of “100%”. End the movie at “100%”.

14. To fade an image instead of a phrase, follow the same directions.

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