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Roll Over Parts

1.Open up a new document.
2.The size of the image should be 500x500.
3.After you’re done with getting the size of your document(s), crop all of your image(s) to fit the document size.
4.When your are finished with step three, go to edit>insert>new button.

Up level
5.Draw your rectangle or rounded rectangle.
6.Add your text that you want (must fit on rectangle).

Over level
7.Click copy up graphic.
8.Change the colors to you want prefer.

Down level
9.Click copy over graphic.
10.change the colors to what you prefer.
11.After your done with step 10, you need to click done.

12.Hit F12 to preview your roll over project.
13.After your done, click one edit>duplicate.
14.Click a button, change text in the property inspection.
15.Repeat for all of the buttons. Change the text to what you want it to be.
16.Hit f12 to preview what you have done.
17.Save the project that you have just completed.