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1. Once you have fireworks open, click file new and create your image or type what you want on the canvas

Fireworks Shadow Glow 1.png

Fireworks Shadow Glow 2.png

2. Click the black curser on the left side toolbar and click the image you want to have a shadow or glow.

Fireworks Shadow Glow 3.png

3. Once clicked look on the bottom right of the screen and you should see a button that says effects and has a + sign, click on it

Fireworks Shadow Glow 4.png

4. Once clicked you should see a menu pop up, once up click shadow and glow and choose your desired effect

Fireworks Shadow Glow 5.png

5. After you click your wanted effect, another menu should pop up and that is where you can fine tune you effect and customize it.

Fireworks Shadow Glow 6.png

6. Once done customizing click back on the screen to get rid of the menu and there should be your new and improved graphic.

Fireworks Shadow Glow 1.png

7. If you desire to remove the effect simply click in the effect box where it displays your effects and click the word your effect was and then click the - symbol next to the + symbol and your effect should disappear

SpicerK 18:18, 19 January 2007 (UTC)