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1. How to add hyper links
Click on the place where you want your links to be. Under the common toolbar, the first button that looks like a blue chain, click on it one time, a box that’s called “Hyperlink” should pop up. On the first blank, called “Text”, is what you want to name the link. (This is what is actually will appear on your actually webpage. It will be underlined.) On the second blank which is called “Link” is the website page address that you want to redirect the user of your page to. Once you put the website address down, just click “OK”. Now you will have a link on your page.
Linkps.png Linkps2.png

2.E-mail Links

Click on the place where you want your E-mail link at. Under “ Common” toolbar, the second button that looks like an envelope , click on it, a box called “Email Link” should pop up. On the Text blank, insert what you would want your E-mail called, then on the “E-mail” blank, insert your E-mail address, then click “OK”.

Emaillinkps.png Emaililnkps2.png