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First thing first, find all the pictures that you think you will need, put them in the same folder. Then, determent what size you want your web page to be. Also, on a piece of paper, sketch out how you want to construct your page. Ask yourself questions like how many boxes you need, what size is each box gonna be, what am I going to put in each box. If you need to resize any picture to make it fit in the box that you are going to put it in, do it now. Get everything prepared to be used, so that way when you make your page, everything will be ready and it will be faster that way.


  • Your layout page’s size will be 800 X 625.

• All your images have to be changed to black and white and resized to 144 X 144.

• Background color should be #92213D.

• All the color that will be used in the whole web page will be #92213D, white and black.

• On the very first long box, should be buttons that says : Home, Services , and Packages.

• Right under the buttons will be your header, it will be sized 800 X 45, your header should be a flash movie…. Fade in / out these words: “ Party Planners – Planning the events – that make a lifetime - memorable.”

• Right under the header will be another small page header, sized 800 X 20. can be made up from just pictures.
• The biggest box should have your main picture in it. Which is the one that has the big cake and says Party Planner. Sized 399 X 303.

• On the rest of the empty space should have 4 Boxes to put swap images (aka. Rollover images) in it. (Sized 144 X 144) . On the side of each 4 boxes you should have graphic and info talking about your page. Like the picture below.


• On the bottom of your page, you will put your links n that box that says “ Home, services, packages”.

PAGE 2 of your site


• Page 2 will be the same size as the index page.
• On the top box, same as the first page, you will out the same buttons and same size.

• In the box right beneath that buttons box, will be your main header, which is, again the same as your first page’s header.
• You will have a page header under your main header, it will say “ service” in it. The size will be 800 X 25. Just like the page header in your index page.
• Right under your page header, you will have a box sized 144 x 144 to put an image in. next to the box, you should have two more long box. One is sized about 656 x 30 and 656 x 114. the smaller one will be on top of the bigger sized box. In those boxes, you can put info in them.
• Now make another box that is sized about 144 x 230. You can put another image in that box. Next to that box, you will have two more boxes. One of them should be sized about 656 x 30. this one will be on top the the bigger box, which is going to be sized around 656 x 200. You will also put more info in these boxes.
• Under all these, you will have a long skinny box that has links to “Home, services, Packages” in it. Exactly like the one in the first page.

Page 3 of the website


• This will be the last page of the whole website.
• This page will be sized 800 x 625
• The first two boxes, just like the last two page, will be exactly the same, which will be your buttons and your main page header.
• Under your main header, as usual will be your page header, in this one, you will have to have a graphic that says “ Pick the package that fits your needs.” Graphic size about 800 x 25, or the same size as all the rest of your page headers.
• Then, you should have 4 boxes that are the exact same size, 144 x 144, and have image in each box. Space your 4 boxes apart evenly.

• Under each box, you should have one long box that are sized about 144 x 400. you can out info in it.

• Under all those boxes, you will have a long skinny box that has, again, links that said “ Home, Services, Packages” the size will be the same as all the other ones that you have in your first two pages. 18:19, 19 January 2007 (UTC)