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How to do Dreamweaver 12-13

1. First we’ll make the whole setup of the site. Make a layout table that is 722 x 777. Then, make a layout cell that is 722 x 50. Make another one below it that is 722 x 25. Make one that is 150 x 267 that is below the last and to the left. Make another one right below that one that is 150 x 243. One to the right of the last, 200 x 598. Make another that is in the top right open corner 322 x 77. Another right below that 322 x 190. Another to the bottom left 191 x 296. Another to the right (100 x 219).

2. Insert header.png into the very top one. Make sure you resize it to fit the cell.

3. Color the background of the one right below it black.

4. Insert pressroom.png into the bottom left cell from the last. Color the rest of the background #BAD755.

5. Click the cell right below the last one. Click the align center button. Now insert d3.png.

6. Click the cell to the right. Click the align center button again and insert image.jpg.

7. Go to the top right cell and insert points.png.

8. Skip the one right below the last and go to the one below it. Insert about.png in it

9. Insert contacts.png into the one to the right and change the background to #BAD755.

10. Type the following in press room: Keep up to date on Dennison Group's activites and announcements by checking the press releases regularly. For more information, please contact 212-492-1033.

11. Type this in the image.png cell: Imagine

...your home expressing your
distinct personality

... your furnishing completmented by
the right draperies, carpets, and

...walking into your home and
wanting to stay forever...

We can make it real.

12. Change the background in the cell below Points to #E1EEB7 and insert this text:

Dennison announces our newest online service- Marketplace. Marketplace will bring development and planning tools online for the interior design industry by matching you with the best industry retailers and manufacturers.

Target stores announce redesign in 2006 ... Dennison Group wins again... read more

13. Type this into the about us cell:

Corporate Overview




Client Services

Awards and Recognition

You’re finished!!!