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Dreamweaver General Topics[edit]

Commonly Used Terms[edit]

Description of the Dreamweaver Window[edit]

The Dreamweaver Window

  • Property Inspector
  • Design vs. Code View
  • Panes
  • Common Toolbar

Description of the Dreamweaver Common Toolbar[edit]

The Dreamweaver Window

  1. Hyperlink- Click to add an internet link
  2. Email Link- Click to add the link of your email address
  3. Anchor- Click to add ....
  4. Insert Table- Click to add a layout table
  5. Image- Click to add a picture
  6. Fireworks HTML- Click to add an edited picture
  7. Flash- Click to add an edited flash movie or graphics/buttons
  8. Rollover Image- Click to add an image that will switch to 2 different images when the mouse rolls over it.

Description of the Dreamweaver Layout Toolbar[edit]

The Dreamweaver Window

  1. Standard View-Click to view what your layout looks like in standard view
  2. Layout View- Click to view what your layout looks like in layout view
  3. Insert Table- Click to insert layout table
  4. Insert Cell- Click to insert layout cell

Description of the Dreamweaver Text Toolbar[edit]

The Dreamweaver Window

  1. Font- Allows you to set attributes before inserting the tag.
  2. B= bold
  3. I = Italic
  4. S = strong
  5. EM = emphasis
  6. Paragraph, Block Quote, and Preformatted Text- wraps the corresponding HTML block tags around the selection
  7. H1= Heading 1
  8. H2= Heading 2
  9. H3= Heading 3
  10. Ul = unordered list
  11. Ol- ordered list
  12. li- list item
  13. dl- Definition list
  14. dt- definition term
  15. dd- definition description
  16. abbr – abbreviation of something
  17. wec- acronym