Numerical Analysis/Bisection Method MATLAB Code

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The following is taken from the Ohio University Math 344 Course Page. The program mybisect.m finds roots using the Bisection Method.

function [x e] = mybisect(f,a,b,n)
% function [x e] = mybisect(f,a,b,n)
% Does n iterations of the bisection method for a function f
% Inputs: f -- an inline function
%         a,b -- left and right edges of the interval
%         n -- the number of bisections to do.
% Outputs: x -- the estimated solution of f(x) = 0
%          e -- an upper bound on the error
format long
c = f(a); d = f(b);
if c*d > 0.0
    error('Function has same sign at both endpoints.')
disp('           x                  y')
for i = 1:n
    x = (a + b)/2;
    y = f(x);
    disp([    x     y])
    if y == 0.0     % solved the equation exactly
        e = 0;
        break      % jumps out of the for loop
    if c*y < 0
e = (b-a)/2;