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Welcome to the Wikiversity Center for Exobiology, part of the School of Biology.

How common are the conditions required for life?

Exobiology, also known as xenobiology or astrobiology, is a speculative field within biology concerned with extraterrestrial life.

The Center for Exobiology is a Wikiversity content development project where participants create, organize and develop learning resources about the search for life beyond Earth.

Where are the data?[edit]

Terrestrial Planet Finder.

Astrobiology is an idea in search of data. Many scientists expect that life is common, probably having come into existence on millions of planets. However, astrobiology is a speculative field within biology; nobody has evidence for extraterrestrial life. Astrobiology includes the concept of artificial life, since any life form with human-like intelligence could conceivably create artificial life in a laboratory. Such artificial life might be more suitable than a biological organism for interstellar travel. While currently funded efforts in astrobiology focus on planetary exploration and attempts to detect planets with Earth-like atmospheres, it has been suggested that we should also look closely at Earth for signs that alien artificial life is already here.

Possible data[edit]

Learning resources[edit]

  • The Drake Equation
  • can human like intelligence evolve under water?
  • can comets incubate life and seed it to planets?


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