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  • Dharma Dictionary is an excellent online Tibetan/English dictionary for Wylie. You just place the Wylie text to be searched in the search field located to the left of the screen. If the word contains a number of phonemes it is best to place them within closed quotation marks prior to searching.

The Dharma Dictionary is an ongoing collaborative online project involved in compiling Buddhist terminology and translation terms supporting the translation from the Tibetan to English languages. Commenced in 1979, it has grown to a collection of circa 306,000 entries or 21 megabytes.

  • This project should be linked in with Wiktionary so that all terms mapped and translated should also be transwikied into Wiktionary. There is also Tibetan Wiktionary. We need a protocol and process to be codified in a Lesson Plan. Would somebody please establish linkages with Wiktionary and find out and report back please?
  • The magnificence of Scribd canot be understated, please refer this entire Tibetan-English Dictionary: Jaeschke - A Tibetan-English Dictionary Though it is not a recent source, it should not preclude it from being a reference. A sense of historicity and choice of lexicon and evolving register is important for a lotsawa.
  • Wikimedia Incubator may be an appropriate forum for a Tibetan-English bilingual dictionary within the auspice of Wikimedia. Please follow this discussion and progress: Incubator:Incubator:Community_Portal#Ello.

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