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Tise (pronounced 'tee-say') is a Tibetan input utility for WinXP created by Gregory Mokhin. EWTS Transliteration is used for typing Tibetan. Tise intercepts user input and converts EWTS sequences into proper codes for Tibetan text to be displayed using a Unicode Opentype Tibetan font. Previous versions of Tise worked with 8-bit LTibetan font. Current version uses Unicode. Tise automatically adjusts itself to the user's preferred keyboard layout and is able to work with multiple layouts. Tise may work on Win2K (not tested). It will not work on any lower version of Windows. For older versions of Windows an excellent tibwin utility by Marvin Moser is available elsewhere for free. Tise is not based on tibwin and does not use any code from tibwin and/or other software. Tise is developed in line with the aims of THL tools project with the sole purpose to assist the preservation of Tibetan cultural heritage and to make using a computer easier for Himalayan peoples and scholars.

Source: [1]

  • this is really only a tool for Windows XP, need to investigate comparable tools for other OS. If there are not appropriate tools for other OS we need to source instructions for dual boot or an XP inset environment or other fix so users who do not run Windows may employ the tool.

Good instructions for editing Tibetan on Linux (with the Gnome desktop) are found here: [2]!