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Bhavaviveka (Sanskrit; Wylie: slob-dpon bha-vya; སློབདཔོན་བྷ་བ༹ྱ)[1] is a master of the tradition (whom I favour *heheheheheh*). This quotation is drawn from the Heart of the Middle Way (དབུ་མཻ་སྙིང་པོ; dBu-ma'i snying-po, Skt. Madhyamaka-hrdaya), III, 12:

yang dag[2] kun rdzob rnams kyi skas//

med par yang dag khang chen gyi//


steng du 'gro bar bya ba ni//


mkhas la rung ba ma yin no//

Activity[edit | edit source]

Please parse into words, identifying three English meanings for each possible word.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. This is my first play with using TISE and as I still do not know all the Tibetan script the rendering of the Wylie may be in error. It would be appreciated if a lotsawa would please check and repair and delete this note upon completion. Thanxta. B9 PS I just found some of the whizbangsexy terma marks. ;~D
  2. If you search at the Dharma Dictionary in the search field on the left of the page and surround a text eg. "yang dag" thus, it will return the website I have linked for an example.