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This page is dedicated to share informations and organize my first visit in Ghana as exploratory phase of my Phd thesis The digital revolution experienced by the global South.

Welcome to every one to organize with me my Ghana venue on this talking page.

Lionel Scheepmans

Visa application and bureaucracy[edit]

Embassy opening hours[edit]

From 1st to 31st August, 2017

Submission of Visa & Passport Applications

10.00 am to 12.00 noon

Collection/Pickup of Passports

1.30 pm to 2.00 pm

Visa application[edit]

Visa application Web page on Ghana Brussels embassy webpageis the only way to submit a visa application to Brussels ambassy. An analogical submission into the office was not possible on Friday August 18th 2017.

The Visa application form, don't work with open source software but only with acrobat reader.

The pdf file ask for a password when it's open with Xreader.

The pdf file open normally with Chrome browser, gaps can be filed, but sending the application is not possible.

On Sunday August 20th acrobat reader was not installable on linux due to a bug.

My only solution was to use friend's computer.

The visa application is supported by a British private limited company named AVLOS LIMITED.

I've receive my visa august 28th 2017. I was one hour late but, after a short discussion and apologize, the women was very nice to give me my passport for not coming back the next day.

Yellow fever[edit]

A yellow fever certificate is asked for the entrance in Ghana. Since 2005, the certificate is valid for the life.

Fly connexion[edit]


Date Time of arrival Airport Airline Flight Number
September 1st 21h25 (9h25 PM) Accra TAP TP1524


Date Time of departure Airport Airline Flight Number
September 20th 23h55 (11h55 PM) Accra TAP TP1525

Price for the return : €469.27

Contacts in Ghana[edit]







Open foundation west Africa[edit]



Activity planing[edit]

In Accra (first week-end and second week)[edit]

  • Establish contact with Wikimedia, Open street map user groups and other interesting groups involved into the digital revolution in Ghana.
  • Spending one week with in an intergenerational family for sharing daily live and observing the digital revolution in urban context.
  • Visiting Agbogbloshie and other emblematic places of the dark side of the global digital revolution.

Activity planing[edit]

  • Blogging Ghana
  • New Media Hub
  • Recommended media houses (Citi FM, Joy FM)
  • GhanaThink Foundation
  • Wikimedia Ghana User Group
  • Recommended businesses
  • Agbogbloshie Scrapyard (e-waste dumpsite)

In village (first week)[edit]

Spending one week with in an intergenerational family for sharing daily live and observing the digital revolution in rural context.

Village proposed[edit]

  • Korleman
  • Sota
  • Jisonaayili (Tamale)


Research by Internet[edit]


All Ghana


All Groups

Bigest group

Other groups


Volunteer groups and associations[edit]

In Accra[edit]

In village and other cities[edit]


Until now, my PhD thesis is auto-financed. That's why I have to find the cheapest way to carry out this project. Public transport, specially fly connection, will be the principal cost of this first visit of Ghana. For the rest, I didn't need fancy place for living. Just street food and a bed in a safety place. As anthropologist, my target is sharing time with people not making holidays.

Planing table[edit]

Planing of my visit to Ghana day by day
September Day Place Activity Host Info
01 th Friday Accra Arrival Raphael 21h25 (9h25 PM) with the fly n° TP1524
02 Saturday Accra Meeting with people Mohammed
03 Sunday Dodi island Internet activity and Accra visit Mohammed
04 Monday Yapei Queen ferry Interview on ferry to Northern Ghana Ferry
05 Tuesday Yapei Interview on ferry Justice Hotel
06 Wednesday Tamale Meeting with people Rafik
07 Thursday Tamale Exploring country side Digital Revolution Rafik
08 Friday Zongo Machery Travel and installation Clement

09 Saturday Zongo Machery Visiting the village and collect information Clement
10 Sunday Zongo Machery Visiting the village and collect information Clement
11 Monday Zongo Machery Visit damabai market and testing internet cafe Clement
12 Tuesday Zongo Machery Exploring country side Digital Revolution Clement
13 Wednesday Zongo Machery Exploring country side Digital Revolution Clement
14 Thursday Accra Village and road to Accra Mohammed
15 Friday Accra Road to Accra and Mohammed place Mohammed
16 Saturday Accra Software Freedom Day 2017 Mohammed
17 Sunday Aburi Visit aburi garden Emmanuel

18 Monday Accra Visit the Impact Hub Accra 12pm till they close at 7pm Mohammed
19 Tuesday Accra Exploring city Digital Revolution Mohammed
20 Wednesday Accra Departure Airplane 23h55 (11h55 PM) fly n° TP1525