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Welcome Letter[edit]

TLDR summary of this email

We're excited to get to know you through the UFAB course! Make sure you sent us a question or an introduction email (hyperlink form or email address) so we can write back and start getting to know you! Keep your eyes open for us to send you a personalized musical challenge to get you involved in the UFAB community.

Until then,





Thanks for signing up for the course! You may not have realized that what you’ve just joined is much more than just a series of videos.

My name is Jonathan and I have a dream to bring music to everyone on the planet. This is a hard challenge, but I believe that I can build a community that can reach this goal through the natural joy of learning.

One important part of of this challenge is to teach music to everyone, and I think that can only be done through human interaction. Video lessons are useful, but most people need another human being to guide them through many of the challenges in this path. I wish I could do it all myself, but it is impossible. Lucky for me, I don’t need to be the only one on this journey, since teaching is a great way to learn! Think about it for a second…

If I have something I want to teach everybody…

and everybody needs to learn it…

but you can learn by teaching…

why don’t we all just teach each other?!?

The purpose of this course, on top of teaching you how to play Ukulele, is to teach you how learn in the fastest, funnest, and free-est way possible, which is to start sharing what you learn as soon as you learn it. This might be through 1-1 tutoring, or posting videos of your progress, or answering questions other players have, or sharing notes or ideas you’ve come up with. There may be other ways to teach that we haven’t even imagined yet! All of this things can be tailored to your needs as a learner while also providing something very necessary for others as well – feedback and interaction with real people!

If you think this sounds like an adventure you’re interested in, start engaging the community through comments in videos, and wait for a response to your question from the initial sign-up sheet. If you didn’t include a question, feel free to send your #1 beginner question to me at [[1]] and I’ll try to answer ASAP. Feel free to write us again if you feel like we lost your question – some times spam folders are a little grabby of incoming emails ;-)

From there, hopefully we can give you your first music-learning challenge!

Looking forward to meeting you!