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Easy English Courses[edit]

Your Easy English Instructor is Bob Cooper

Bob Cooper

  1. Technical writing Overview (EE) An introduction to the main concepts of Technical Writing
  2. Personas (EE) How to identify and analyse the people who will read the document
  3. Researching and interviewing (EE) How to interview the people with the information or Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  4. Structuring Information (EE) How to prioritize information
  5. Writing clearly (EE) How to communicate efficiently
  6. Collaborating (EE) How to ensure that the document is the latest version

Supplementary Easy English courses[edit]

Technical writing level 2 EE[edit]

Technical Writing Level 2 EE

  • How to identify and analyze your audience
  • How to interview Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Writing Check Lists
  • Style Guide
  • Exercises and Links
Level 1

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  • Documentation Project Management
  • Documentation Tools
  • Cost and Schedule Estimating
  • Exercises and Links
Level 2

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