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Hi, my name is Dr Nick Henwood, I work part time as a GP in Leicester, UK, and part time for Community Health Global Network chgn website.

I'd like to get into discussion with the individual / team that are interested in the Community Medicine Dept of Medical School in Wikiversity.

At CHGN we are passionate about 3 elements:

a) Health needs in the resource-poor world. b) Community-based health care (Community people can take the lead) c) Faith-based approaches to health care (1) we take an holistic view - people are body, mind and spirit, 2) we are convinced that faith communities can take a role in promoting good health in their own communities and can serve the health needs of their neighbours (from whatever faith group))

We aim to be a forum where health practitioners from the resource-poor world can share ideas about good practice with one another.

Although the founders of CHGN come from a Christian background, we welcome participation from anyone.

The Level of much of our material (see our web site) is aimed at middle and coal-face level health workers - generally people without a medical degree.

What do you think? Might there be a synergy between CHGN and the Dept of Community Medicine? Could CHGN help to present topics for community level (non qualified) and paramedic / nurse level health workers? There could be a spectrum of course levels...

1) Non qualified (community level volunteers / family level) 2) 1-3 years trained health workers / nurse / paramedic level health workers 3) Undergrad medics 4) Post grad

I'd be pleased to hear some feedback - and especially to begin to dialogue with the lead players in Community Health / Medical School

--Nickdh 17:54, 23 November 2007 (UTC)