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The content of this page should be improved.

What do you mean by Comarity ? I have never heard of this term before.


??? Comarity calculation ???[edit source]

Do you mean complementarity ? A Google search only returned three answers for all the web. I would advise to replace any unusual vocabulary term by a more common word that everyone could understand. Thank You.

It looks like "molarity", as in the last line: "The unknown molarity can be calculated, from this relationship." It does require correction. HolyZarkon 20:09, 25 April 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Comolarity calculation Questions[edit source]

Please can someone else please check the answers to the questions, as to me they all seem to be wrong, and the first question impossible, 2/3 are out by a factor of 2 in opposite directions, and the last is just wrong. Not being a chemist, i can't say for certain, but if the answers are right the formula given is wrong.