New Zealand Pilot License/Meteorology/Private/Subject 1

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Linear actuators[edit | edit source]

1. open google chrome or mozilla fire fox.
2. go to
3. Type "linear actuators"
4. I click on the 8th link.
5. I first click on the "LA 12"
  • Problems encounter with this Linear actuator:
     :1. No usb port to connect to the computer.
     :2. It does not hold 1000N
  • Good this about it:
     :1 It has a rod.
6. Click Back
7. Then click on the "LA 22"
  • Problem encounter with LA 22 Actuator:
     :1. It does not have a USB port
     :2. It hold 400N
  • Good this about it:
     :1 A rod
8 Click Back
9 Click on the "LA 27"
  • Problems encounter with the LA 27
     :1 It does not have a USB port to connect to the computer
  • Good things about the "LA 27"
     :1. It hold more than 1000N
     :2. A rod