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The purpose of this page is to keep a wishlist of features to introduce, or to discuss about general aspects of presenting the material. It is helpful if you sign your contributions.

General ideas[edit]

  • More detailed introductions to various subtopics, like 'random matrices in mesoscopic physics'
  • Glossary: should not be divided into math/physics. Short entries on a single page (alphabetically listed) have the advantage of giving an easy overview, facilitating searching (by the browser search function), and enabling printing everything at once. However, some more important topics may include links to more detailed explanations in subpages (or Wikipedia, if a good description exists there). Note: subpages can be introduced by entering links of the type [[/My Subpage/]] (note the slashes).
  • Links (with commentary) to "classic" papers in mesoscopic physics
  • Introduce a "wish-list" for terms to be explained in the glossary
  • A list of links to groups in mesoscopic physics ? (or at least to those in the SFB)
  • Produce "guides" through selected papers (classics and more recent ones): These would include commentary on the context, list the prerequisites for understanding the paper, and pick some sections of the paper and explain their meaning in more accessible terms

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