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Basic elements are derived on the representation of Dr. Pascal Michel at WHO-UNOOSA event "Strengthening Space Cooperation for Global Health". Contributions of Earth Observation to Public Helath Practices.

Strengthening Space and Global Health on the organisational level could incorporate interlink:

  • (Canada) Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and Public Health Agency Canada (PHAC)
  • (USA) NASA and Centre of Disease Control (CDC)
  • Environmental Health/Science and Public Health Institutes
  • ...

Prediction of Health Risk:

  • tele-peidemiology
  • Satellite Earth Observation for detection environmental parameter that trigger abundance of vectors and trigger preventive meassures of public health agencies (e.g. Mosquitos need certain environmental conditions, perform spatial risk managemenrt


  • Vulnerable human population
  • Mosquito born disease,
  • Respiratory Diseases
  • ...


  • Earth Observation (EO)
  • Telecommunication (support tele-medicine, disaster medicine support,...)
  • Interoperability (bridging the gap between Global Health objectives and Space Technology towards mobile devices as decision support client.