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The Assessment Framework[edit | edit source]

Template An Assessment Framework template can be found in google docs;


Product Features[edit | edit source]

Does the product have the features that fulfill the business case requirements? List the high level features to be assessed against the requirements.

Ability to Deliver[edit | edit source]

Does the vendor / solution provider / consulting firm have the proven ability to deliver the solution? Reference existing relationships with vendors, client references or online evidence to assess candidates’ ability to deliver.

Cost + TCO[edit | edit source]

When a solution is evaluated it should also consider three cost attributes;

  1. The initial cost of software, consulting and required infrastructure.
  2. The expected life of this product.
  3. The ongoing costs of maintaining the software and infrastructure.

Solutions can vary greatly within these three cost attributes. Ongoing costs should also include all HR related costs of running the solution from an operational perspective.

Sustainability[edit | edit source]

This is a care and feeding question. Does the solution require a great deal of care or can it self-heal? The sustainability also includes the solution’s ability to stay current to the business and strategic needs. This is more an effort question rather than a cost. Sustainability can become a distraction for an organization or IT Team.

Alignment[edit | edit source]

Alignment includes many attributes, does the solution align with current technology infrastructure, the organizations current internal skills and knowledge, current roadmap and current strategy. Intellectual Property related issues also need to be aligned.

Risk[edit | edit source]

What risks do you assume by adopting the technology? What risks do you assume if you do not adopt the technology?