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The following are learning resources related to social problems.

What are social problems?[edit | edit source]

Social problems are the general factors that affect and damage society. Also known as social issues sometimes. A social problem is normally a term used to describe problems with a particular area or group of people in the world. Social problems often involve problems that affect the real world. It also affects how people react to certain situations. Examples can include:

  • Anti social behavior
  • Poverty
  • Drug abuse
  • malnutrition
  • Crime and Cyber crime
  • Prostitution
  • Racial discrimination
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Economic Deprivation
  • Political Corruption
  • Unemployment
  • Sexual abuse
  • stress
  • Animal abuse
  • The shortage of schools
  • The lack of infrastructure
  • Bullying
  • Obesity
  • High crime rate

Discussion questions[edit | edit source]

  • What are some of the most prevalent social problems that exist?
  • What are some examples of "problems in living", and how does these relate to social problems?
  • How can people work together to remedy social problems?
  • Is lack of education a social problem? How can embracing a voluntary education be encouraged?
  • How can open source content on wikis help to develop solutions to social problems? (YOU can edit Wikiversity! This is a WIKI!!!!)
  • What are the most efficient ways to help eliminate poverty on Earth?

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