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A single person association is an organisation which sets the maximum size of membership as one.

One example is a Corporation sole which has often been used as regards church property. In advertising for Clint eastwood's film The Outlaw Josey Wales, the slogan ". . . an army of one" was used

However, here we are focussing on Art practices of the Avant-garde.

As such single person associations are used by certian Art movements:

In many ways this complements the Multiple-use name. But is also associated to the practices of:

Association name Associated person Associated Practices Associated Associations Period Movement
London Psychogeographical Institute or Society Ralph Rumney psychogeography Situationist International 1957 Situationism
Generation Positive Stewart Home Publishing: Smile Neoist Network 1984 Neoism
London Psychogeographical Association Richard Essex New Lettrist International 1994-2000 Situationism
London Psychogeographical Association, Outer Spaceways Incorporated Richard Bussex New Lettrist International 1994-2000 Situationism
Stewart Home New Lettrist International 1994-2000
Redas Dirzys Art Strike DAMTP 2009