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Students Portfolio[edit | edit source]

This is the preliminary holder for the student portfolio. If the contents expand then it will be broken down into new pages to be transcluded back here.

Featured[edit | edit source]

Teacher entry:

Evidence[edit | edit source]

How to add your results
  1. Click edit
  2. Use the editable box of this page in edit
  3. Go to the last four-dash line ---- of the section you need
  4. Type ~~~~ and paste your work from web technology assignments (don't write your name).
  5. Enter a new four-dash line ---- after your work
  6. Please add the following after your entry:<sub>* <small>[[Student_Portfolio#top|Top]]</small></sub>
  7. Click the show preview button from below the editable box (but before the box of clickable links)
  8. If everything is OK then click the Save-page button

Student entry:

Final Results[edit | edit source]

Completed assignments on Wikiversity

Student entry:

Ongoing[edit | edit source]

Snapshots of effort

Student entry: