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Current draft process. Add your question at the botton. This process is asynchronous so please do not use it for emergencies. If truly urgent feel free to duplicate question on my user page, I use it for a class navigation utility and likely will see the question there a few hours faster than here. Of course this level of personal service means that you will owe me a favor and as a former bureacrat I keep score. 8) Lazyquasar 02:25, 28 November 2005 (UTC)

Check back here for your answer and/or see your talk page if you signed your question by using the four ~ (tilda) suffix/macro command. Append four tilda's without quotes at the end of the paragraph, remember to leave a space between the last character of the paragraph and the four ~'s. The Wikimedia software creates your signature with a time stamp and link to your user page and replaces the four tilda's with it. Very nice! Our volunteer Wikimedia developers take good care of us! 8)

Where is the EIT review class?[edit | edit source]

Answer, right here Wikiversity:School of Engineering:Engineer-In-Training Review just as soon as you, I, or we create it. See Beginners Guides and orientation materials regarding editing [[[w:Wikipedia:Introduction]]] Wikipedia for applicable guidance until Wikiversity has tailored and published similar FDL'ed material for local use.

Where are the review classes for the U.S. P.E. exam for Systems Engineering in Oregon?[edit | edit source]

Answer, we are encouraging specific disciplines at the Wikiversity:School of Engineering [[[b:Wikiversity:School_of_Engineering]]] to setup their own study courses as participation becomes available. Your participation in any of our participatory courses is welcome at any level you feel is appropriate. We are developing some learning processes we intend to be useful asynchronously by self and mutual study participants with differing levels of previous exposure and expertise. Please be gentle and patient with others as you learn to navigate our prototype web learning resources.

How do I upload scanned images for class use?[edit | edit source]

Get or create your image on your internet browser accessible system. Use the Upload file, menu item at the right under toolbox. It is fairly self explanatory. It will be helpful to have a naming convention for your file so that it is unique and associated with the course materials or class/team pages you intend for it. We probably need to get with the technical developers and writeup some suggested procedures after our URL namespace is sorted out. For now I have been prepending wikiversity:school of xxxxx:class title: in the filename to make our inevitable cleanup transition phase a bit easier. See for basics of how this is handled on the wikipedia.

Where is the Recreation Center?[edit | edit source]

Please feel free to start one or initate discussion lists regarding what a virtual support center for home, learning center, vacation etc. recreational or edutainment facilities should or could look like. Bring the appropriate portal back here.

Where can I find reliable quantitative data on Pacific Fisheries?[edit | edit source]

  • This article has good general information, is crosslinked to further different general and specific information, and has many useful links at the bottom including links to governing regulatory bodies which put out reports and scientific analysis in support of past, current and future policy.

Where can I get help developing the pros and cons and other arguments regarding specific questions or issues I need to use in my lesson plans?[edit | edit source]

Maybe here, rather new still developing resource: