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Cooperation Contract team SUPERNOVA[edit | edit source]

Information[edit | edit source]

Team Members[edit | edit source]

Aendekerk , Jef Position: Team Leader + President

Contact: jef.aendekerk @

Decremer , Wim Function: scribe

Contact: wim.decremer @

Smits, Floris Function: Financial Manager

Contact: floris.smits @

Vandenbrande , Jasper Function: IT

Contact: jasper.vandenbrande @

Veulemans , Jens Function: Employee

Contact: jens.veulemans @

van der Zee , Alexander Position: Employee

Contact: alexander.vanderzee @

Phone numbers are omitted for privacy reasons

The aim of cooperation[edit | edit source]

The collaboration aims at an instructive and creative way SSV , Small Solar Vehicle, building , meeting the data requirements.

Conditions for cooperation[edit | edit source]

Functions of the team members[edit | edit source]

The functions of the team members are being elected in the first week . These can be adjusted in case of prolonged illness , disability , or if all team members agree to this. If the president, team leader or secretary may not be present, then their assigned tasks to another team member . The project will have to be there. By all team members with the project supervisor , Nicolas Dekeyser , communicated

Agreements between the team members[edit | edit source]

It is expected of the team members that they are always present at each meeting . This also means that it is expected that they are in addition to the regular weekly meeting, also present at the other times to be agreed upon during the meeting . The reasons for absence can be tolerated :

Disease ( alcohol abuse is not considered as a disease )

- Overlap with lessons

- Family obligations

- Force Majeure

If it is invalid, absent penalties are determined by the other team members . These sanctions may include an extra job to a reduction in the peer assessment . When a valid absence is expected that one to notify the team and / or project supervisor well in advance.

Communication between team members === ===

The communication between the team members will take place on the Facebook group , in mails and by phone . If you want to exchange documents, then through the dropbox or also via the Facebook group . As a result, anyone can view the documents , check and adjust if necessary . It is expected that one checks the Facebook group daily .

Meeting Moments[edit | edit source]

It is expected that the team meets at least once per school week , during the course of the project . In addition, there may be additional meeting times by the team members chosen if this was necessary.

Deadlines[edit | edit source]

The documents to the deadlines, shall be filed in the first place by the project . This appointment may be made by another team member .

Duration of the contract[edit | edit source]

The contract will be valid for the entire project . From one week to the end of the project at the end of the semester .

Links[edit | edit source]

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