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Ruiz, Colombia Volcano [edit | edit source]

The Locations of this volcano is in Ruiz Colombia, and the time of this eruption is 1995. The eruption erupted Nevado del Ruiz Volcano and because of the ash of this explosive eruption, the ash mixed with water and creates mud flows that are similar to wet cement. This volcano have had also erupted before the 1995 eruption and it happened in 1595 and 1845. This volcano is a strato volcano and was very devastating to the area. Mud flows and ash covered Ruiz, Colombia and caused massive damage to houses and people living there. The volcano was dormant for 140 years before and erupted unexpectedly. Help wasn't reached fast enough to evacuate the people from the harmful eruption of this explosive volcano.

Deaths [edit | edit source]

The Deaths of the Ruiz, Colombia Volcano was a very large number. The estimate ammount of deaths is 25,000 people. The harmful mud flows and ash caused too much damage to Ruiz, Colombia and destroyed many homes. Said in the last paragraph, help wasn't fast enough to help the people. When help finally arrived, many were dead. Other's were scarred, close to death, and burned with ash. Many of the citizens had to sit in the back of a pick up truck because of the big number of damaged civilians. Some were damaged so badly that citizens had to be pushed onto nets and picked up by helicopters to get immediate help from hospitals nearby that was not destroyed by the volcano.

The After Effects[edit | edit source]

After the volcano, there were many disasters. The volcanic eruption was basically just lahars or mud flows. The volcano eruption was not as big, but it was on a ice cap. The burning ash from the volcano landed on the cold ice cap and melted the gigantic flood. The flood at the beginning of the mountain went downhill picking up most mud, trees, and everything else that was on the mountain. The volcanic flood destroyed everything in its path to get to the bottom of the mountain. The flood immediately arrived at the city and destroyed the city and its citizens living in it.

Other Information[edit | edit source]

This volcano basically covered its top with pyroclastic flows and surges. Pumice and earlier rain began to fall and this caused the crater to be slightly enlarged. The eruption caused the summit to be covered with pyroclastic flows. The eruption followed with a steam eruption and pyroclastic material fell onto still snow. Before the explosion, the volcano caused signs of closeness of eruptions. The volcano created small earthquakes, caused many holes near the volcano, and many phreatic explosions.

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