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Filmmaking Software Review for Narrative Film Production
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This is a photo program similar to Photoshop. I like this program. It feels good (unlike CinePaint.)
Review by Robert Elliott

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GIMP - Macintosh version

I am reviewing the Macintosh OS X version. There are versions for a dozen other operating systems.
Anyone interested in filmmaking should immediately download this free program. It is fun!
Note: there are two versions of GIMP. One for developers and one for normal people. Do NOT download the version on the GIMP org page. Instead follow the instructions at GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP).
Uses at Wikiversity Film School
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  • Adobe Photoshop replacement
  • Storyboarding
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  • Five Stars
For filmmakers who want a free version of Photoshop, this is a good start.
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I highly recommend this program. Robert Elliott Robert Elliott 04:23, 5 April 2007 (UTC)