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Groundwater recharge is the enhancement of natural ground water supplies using man-made conveyances such as infiltration basins, trenches, dams, or injection wells. Aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) is a specific type of groundwater recharge practiced with the purpose of both augmenting ground water resources and recovering the water in the future for various uses.

Climate change considerations

  • More storage capacity needed to overcome seasonal dry periods and to reduce floods.
  • Higher rainfall intensities may exceed infiltration capacities. Create storage, enhanced infiltration or artificial recharge.
  • Lower rainfall results in the need for transport and storage of water from other areas.
  • Changes in vegetation will cause changes in evapotranspiration, surface runoff, erosion and sediment transport/deposition. This requires water and soil conservation measures, like terracing.

Field experiences

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These projects may be utilizing groundwater recharge techniques and are part of the project listing in Really Simple Reporting (RSR) on

RSR Project 446
Etude technique d’avant-projet

RSR Project 600
Community-led WASH and Safe Motherhood

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