Primary mathematics/The Use of Calculators

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Subject classification: this is a mathematics resource.
Educational level: this is a primary education resource.
Completion status: this resource is just getting off the ground. Please feel welcome to help!

When it comes to the discussion regarding tools that should be used to facilitate students' learning in the field of mathematics, the calculator and the use the computer/internet is a great part of the debate.

This page will cover some of the following topic as they relate to the teaching of Primary mathematics.

  • Calculators support learning
  • Calculators are what students will eventually use in the "real world"
  • Calculators are not "smart".. students are! For example a calculator might calculate a+b*c as (a+b)*c, while the real answer is a+(b*c).
  • So when should students use calculators?
  • Ways of teaching students when and when not to use calculators

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