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If you want a page deleted for privacy reasons, do not request deletion on the wiki, it will call attention to the page. Rather, email a custodian. You will need to enable email (you can use a free email account service) and then find a custodian, see WV:Staff, and use the "Email this user" link in the Tools menu. Meanwhile edit the page to blank the privacy violation, which you need not mention in the edit summary. Custodians can hide revisions, leaving the rest visible, so if you have a user page started with real-name and real-life contact information, very common, you can just blank that, replacing it with something harmless, and then make your request for revision hiding by email.

How to delete your pages[edit source]

Wikiversity edit toolbar. Use the #R button to help create a redirect page.

Note: Before nominating your page for deletion, please consider first the option to leave your unwanted page as a redirect to another page.

To request an uncontroversial page deletion, put {{Delete|reason}} at the top of the page you would like to have deleted. For example, {{Delete|Author request}}. Any user may contest such a request by removing the template, with or without a reason, but, in the rare case that this happens, you may then formally request deletion on Wikiversity:Requests for Deletion, where such requests are discussed.

Unless the template is removed, a custodian will review the request and, unless there is some reason not to delete the page (such as incoming links), a sole-author request will be respected. Hence if you have incoming links to your page, fix them first. Remove them or change them to a moved target page. (You can find all incoming links from "What links here" in the Tools menu.)

If you make a mistake in a page name, don't recreate the page, move it. (The button is found under "More," usually at the top of the page). (You can do this after you are autoconfirmed, which is normally after about four days of registering your account). A redirect will automatically be created. Then, if that redirect is not needed (generally because there are no incoming links), place a deletion template on the top of the redirect page, above the redirect text.

If you try to load the redirect page, and instead get the target page, notice at the top that there is a link back to the redirect. That will load the redirect.

So the redirect deletion template may say, {{delete|no incoming}}. It takes a custodian less than a minute to check for incoming links and delete the redirect.