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Example work from "Brexit stories"[edit | edit source]

We will examine this work as:

Image here:

Statement[edit | edit source]

"The decision for the UK to leave the EU is one that not only transforms the socio-political structures of the country, but also consequently affects people’s self-image and understanding of their identity. We use mixed media collage to document how EU nationals feel they are affected by Brexit, their views on their future in the UK and their strategies in response to the referendum. We want to highlight how identities are negotiated and constructed. Brexit has created a situation where many white (western) Europeans feel stigmatised in the same way people of colour and black people do in their everyday lives. With this project we wish to highlight some of the mechanisms which racialises bodies. Moreover, we want to create a broader understanding about the stigmatisation many people face because of their race, ethnicity, religion and origins. This project is a contribution to portraying a turbulent time in the history of the UK and Europe." Brexit Stories

Elements[edit | edit source]

  • UK Visa Application Form
  • Newspaper - articles on Brexit
  • Coloured patterns
  • Processed photography -

Signs[edit | edit source]

  • UK flag

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