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Nomad is a container orchestration tool similar to Kubernetes, first released in September 2015[1]. Nomad ships as a single binary, both for clients and servers, and requires no external services for coordination or storage[2].

Basic commands[edit | edit source]

  • sudo nomad agent -dev &
nomad node status
ID        DC   Name   Class   Drain  Eligibility  Status
181a582b  dc1  nomad  <none>  false  eligible     ready
nomad server members
Name          Address    Port  Status  Leader  Protocol  Build  Datacenter  Region  4648  alive   true    2         0.7.0  dc1         global
  • nomad job init
  • nomad job run example.nomad
  • nomad status example
  • nomad status

Exercices[edit | edit source]

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