Noli me Tangere Quizzes/Chapter 1

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1. The house of Kapitan Tiyago can be found in __________

Daang Arlequi
Daang Anloague
Daang Abreo
Daang Aquas

2. The name of the river found beside the house of Kapitan Tiyago is _______


3. This person is the main acceptor of visitors.

Tiya Ana
Tiya Isabel
Maria Clara
Kapitan Tiyago

4. Padre Damaso lived in San Diego for __ years.


5. The Governor-general removed Padre Damaso in San Diego because _______

He stayed too long in the town.
Old ladies are the only people who tend to go to the church.
He ordered re-digging of a tomb of a noble man.
Townsfolk didn't like him anymore.

6. Tenyente Guevara shouted at Padre Damaso because ___________

Padre Damaso speaks falsely.
He speaks very fast that he did not even respect Spain.
He is very angry at Padre Damaso.
The friar is very talkative.

7. The tension between Tenyente Guevarra and Padre Damaso was cooled down by ________

Padre Sibyla
Padre Salvi
Senor Laruja
Doctor Espadaña

Conceptual questions[edit]

  • If you were Padre Damaso, will you do the same thing like expressing disrespect of your country because of uncontrollable temper? Will you do the same ill-temper shown by Tenyente Guevara?
  • If you are about to decide what will be the role of the lieutenant, how will you tell Padre Damaso that he is speaking very offensive?
  • What did the visitors are talking about? Is it rightful to talk with this matter inside a Filipino's house? Or in others' house? Why?