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Kubeadm[1] is a tool released in Kubernetes 1.13 in December 2018 for creating Kubernetes clusters.

  • kubeadm init to bootstrap a Kubernetes control-plane node
  • kubeadm join to bootstrap a Kubernetes worker node and join it to the cluster
    • kubeadm join --control-plane
  • kubeadm upgrade to upgrade a Kubernetes cluster to a newer version
  • kubeadm config if you initialized your cluster using kubeadm v1.7.x or lower, to configure your cluster for kubeadm upgrade
  • kubeadm token to manage tokens for kubeadm join
  • kubeadm reset to revert any changes made to this host by kubeadm init or kubeadm join
  • kubeadm version to print the kubeadm version
  • kubeadm alpha to preview a set of features made available for gathering feedback from the community

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