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HGAPS Social Media[edit | edit source]

General Tips & Guidelines[edit | edit source]

Do: Post regularly: Posting in regular intervals is the key to increasing engagement on any platform. Some platforms like Twitter and Instagram even allow for scheduled posts so that you can maintain a consistent presence without having to make new content every few days. (Posting every week should be the first goal)

Include links, infographics, images where possible: Infographics and other images like group photos provide visual interest on people’s social media feeds that increases the likelihood that people will read and interact with the post. Because much of our work is online, include links to the work we are doing where appropriate to disseminate and share our resources.

Like and engage with other mental health organizations: While we cannot make any political statements, we absolutely can and should support and uplift good content related to relevant topics such as mental health awareness, suicide prevention, help-seeking, etc. In particular, we are working to support underrepresented voices, especially with respect to Black mental health. Engaging with other good accounts uses our platform for good and may lead to positive networking and increased interaction.

Don’t: Spam posts/ghost a platform: Sometimes (e.g., editathons, conferences) it may be tempting to make several posts at once. This unfortunately minimizes engagement for each individual post and followers may even unsubscribe out of annoyance. On the flip side, please try to post semi-regularly on the platforms for which you are responsible.

Take a political position: When you are representing HGAPS, remember that as a 501c3 nonprofit entity we are limited from supporting or promoting a political party, candidate, or platform. We are additionally not an advocacy organization, therefore we do not make statements related to legislation or legal reform. If you have any concerns, feel free to get in touch with the rest of the exec team and/or Eric. Err on the side of caution wherever possible. HGAPS Website (Weebly) This Is the national site and should include general information and spotlight projects.

Twitter[edit | edit source]

Content and resources

Post as many infographics and links as possible

Post relevant hashtags

Instagram[edit | edit source]

Recruitment and advertising as well as spotlight projects.

Have bingo boards Do small giveaways stickers?

Facebook[edit | edit source]

Posts from instagram should be shared on facebook

Use for fundraising, events, and alumni LinkedIn Use for alumni